Helle Abildgaard and Viggo Salting came to circus to experience the special circus atmosphere. The fascination of the Clown was aroused and when we were invited to follow Cirkus Benneweis around the country, we immediately said “Yes, thank you!” and brought our drawing pads and pencils along.

That moment meant a change of style for both artists. Helle Abildgaard, originately educated as a textile designer, decided to apply completely new techniques. Viggo Salting, who exhibited for the first time with paintings that were inspired by Cobra, now found his own personal style. In 1985, they sat down between the crew wagons and drew tents and tent pegs. A long struggle had begun to be accepted in the circus hierarchy. Helle Abildgaard and Viggo Salting are the only artists who have made profound studies of the Clown for more than 25 years.

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