2018 The Circus Director Martin Arli / Circus Arli with the visible symbol of The Danish Circus Award 2018. A painting by "The Master of Clown" Viggo Salting

2017 Martin Arli and Bertel Haarder with The Award created by artist Viggo Salting

2017 The Danish Circus Award consisted of a painting created by artist Viggo Salting.

Søren Østergaard/ Zirkus Nemo and the minister of culture Mette Bock with the Award.

2017 Kerteminde Poster is carried out by Viggo Salting Kerteminde .dk

2016 Kerteminde Poster is carried out by Viggo Salting

2016/17 Viggo Saltings exhibition in New York, NY.

2016 The Danish Circus Award

The ceremony took place at the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. The Danish Minister of Culture Bertel Haarder presentet the Danish Circus and Artist Award to Benny Berdino, who now from 40 years has headed Circus Arena. The Symbol of the honary prize was done to the master of clowns Artist Viggo Salting.


Viggo Salting's collection of Clown Cubes

2012 The Smile That Lasts a Mile, Viggo Saltings exhibition in SoHo, New York

2011 Easter exhibition Andresens Købmandsgaard,



2011 Art Monaco 11` Monte Carlo



2011 New York, NY. "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL" Gallery

in Chelsea, New York is pleased to be representing Viggo Salting and to feature his exciting art in the MARCH 2011 Exhibition


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